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Daily Reading

The actress Rashida Jones is making a documentary about the world of pornography. 

This documentary will examine the damage and harm of amateur pornographers taking advantage of young women and teenage girls.


Porn-free relationships are stronger, with a lower rate of infidelity. That’s what Amanda Maddox and her colleagues found in a study of men and women, ages 18 to 34, who were in romantic relationships. The researchers measured the levels of negative communication, relationship adjustment, dedication or interpersonal commitment, sexual satisfaction, and infidelity. In their study, 76.8 percent of men and 34.6 percent of women looked at sexually explicit material alone; 44.8 percent reported viewing it with partners. They found that people who didn’t view any porn had lower levels of negative communication, were more committed to the relationship, and had higher sexual satisfaction and relationship adjustment. Their rate of infidelity was at least half of those who had watched sexual material alone and with their partners. But people who only watched porn with their partners were more dedicated to the relationship and more sexually satisfied than those who watched alone.

Maddox, Amanda, Galena K, Rhoades, and Howard J.Markman,” Viewing Sexually-Explicit Materials Alone and Together: Associations with Relationship Quality,” Archives of Sexual Behavior (April 2011), 40, no. 2, 441-448.


The cultural journey from half-naked women frolicking in fields to readily available gang-rape porn illustrates a few of the fallacies and problems in capitalist ideology, especially as deployed by defenders of the porn industry.

Deuce, N., 2012, “Porn Part Ten: The Rutting Dogs of Capitalism” on Rage Against the Man-chine, May 28, originally accessed May 28 2015 (url: http://rageagainstthemanchine.com/2012/02/16/porn-part-10-the-rutting-dogs-of-capitalism/)



1. Why are you against pornography?

Pornography is a fundamentally unethical and multi-billion dollar facet of the culture industries.
While there may be pockets of ‘amateur’ pornography (more on that later,) it is a gigantic corporate institution that continues to profit from sexism, racism and classism.

photo of anti pornography protest
Anti Pornography Protest

It serves the male consumer and it serves the male corporate elite who rake in their share of the profits while simultaneously degrading, dehumanising and figuratively destroying girls, boys, women and men in the process.

As a responsible human beings, we at Fuck No Porn (Blogs) believe it is our duty to take a stand and say “no more” to this utter bullshit.

We want to believe in a world where a multi-billion dollar industry based on the male sexual exploitation and violence towards disenfranchised girls and women does not exist.