On pornography

On pornography

Interesting insight into how pornography functions.


The thirteen-year-old camgirl

A thirteen year old child doing web camming is not okay.

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An article was published recently by a woman who was a camgirl at age 13. She describes the experience as her choice and a way of freely exploring her own sexuality. The only negative part of this experience, as she describes it, was the reaction of the people around her, who shamed her for it while letting her male viewers off the hook. The way the author describes this story stays in line with the dominant sexual narrative we are seeing among liberals. Girl “discovers her own sexuality” by performing for the male gaze, some uptight prudes “slut-shame” her, and she goes on to fight for the right of girls to perform for the male gaze without being shamed for it. (Also see: Slutwalk.) This analysis specifically leaves out the sources of the problem: the girl was groomed into this behavior by porn culture, and porn culture is maintained by…

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Pornography celebrates pedophilia

Purple Sage

Warning: this post contains upsetting content regarding the porn industry.

The most popular theme in pornography is “teen.” The teen genre features 18 year old girls who are supposedly virgins and being deflowered by older, more experienced men, and pseudo-child pornography where the 18 year old is made to appear younger and has to act out an incest or molestation theme.

In Gail Dines’ book Pornland, she has a chapter called Children–the Final Taboo where she describes the connection between the sexualization of underage girls in popular culture, the pseudo-child porn genre and actual child porn. Dines begins by describing several fashion and magazine images that appeared in the last few decades that sexualize teenage girls and pose them as if for a porn shoot.

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus, age 16, Elle magazine

French Vogue French Vogue magazine 2011

French Vogue Magazine

“As pop culture begins to look more and more pornographic, the…

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The 2009 documentary Graphic Sexual Horror by Anna Lorentzton and Barbara Bell examines the bondage, discipline and sadomasochism pornography website insex.com. Trigger Warning Applies.


Pornography and Humiliation

Pornography and Humiliation

An excellent piece on sadism in pornography.

Radfem Repost

By Rebecca Whisnant

On the cover of a porn DVD, a young white woman clad only in skimpy underpants kneels and smiles coyly over her shoulder at the camera. Her name is Jamie, we’re told. In her hand is a glass containing a milky substance. The tagline reads “Watch hot sluts drink spooge out of their asses!” The copy on the back cover gleefully clarifies the mechanics: “Nut in her butt and watch her push it out and swallow!” The film is entitled “Anal Cumsumption #4.”

What has happened to this woman, to Jamie? Many things, no doubt, but prominent among them is that she has been humiliated. But what does that mean?

In ordinary conversation, the concept is often used interchangeably with that of embarrassment. “I was so humiliated,” one says, “when my child had a tantrum at the grocery store,” or “when I realized I’d had spinach in…

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Firstly, the word ‘camgirl’ is a synonym for ‘cam-whore’ (and this blog believes that no woman should be called a ‘whore’,) and it refers to women who earn their money through the distribution of sexually explicit material primarily via live streaming.

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Rage Against the Manchine is a blog that has been around for quite some time.

Nine Deuce manages to articulate the problems with pornography in a way that I have never found possible. As such, I think it is best to link to her eleven part series (and several years worth of writing) regarding pornography.

The comments section of each post, while long, are well worth the read as well. Deuce offers her audience the chance to hear from people who disagree with her as well as those who do agree with her. It is for this reason I have chosen her as our first recommended read.