What they don’t tell you about feminist porn

On first glance, Erika Lust and other ‘feminist’ pornographers seems to be not as abrasive or confronting as the pornography available on popular gonzo ‘tube’ sites.

Instead of being captioned à la RedTube where heterosexual sex acts are described as “black slut takes white dick”, “Annie Cruz milks cock” or “Cum, and I’ll scream for my husband!”.
‘Feminist’ pornography offers seemingly non-offensive and innocuous descriptions by comparison to the explicit language offered by male-targeted pornographic websites. Erika Lust’s website purports to be “good” pornography that is “…tasteful…passionate, intimate and authentic.”

Now it may appear that the pornography produced by Erika Lust and other ‘feminist’ pornographers is not harmful to females, that it is not misogynistic, that it is not exploitative or unethical. This is a carefully constructed lie devised to sell you ( the consumer,) the product and its ideology. It is also a deliberate manipulation on the part their assorted marketing teams to sell you and your details to advertisers.

“In the male system, sex is the penis, the penis is sexual power, its use in fucking is manhood” (Dworkin, 1981)

Consider this statement in relationship to ‘feminist’ pornography – it all still centres around the penis and what women can do for the penis. Even in ‘queer’ and homosexual pornography, phallic imagery abounds. This is an act that is done *to* someone, not an act done *with* someone. Regardless of whether the pornography is ‘feminist’ or not it still features a wide range of acts of violence against women, from hair-pulling, choking, slapping et cetera.

Pornography has proliferated pop culture – reified by pseudo-intellectual leftist men (and to a lesser extent, women,) the argument has been grossly simplified to one of “I choose my choice”.

The take home message of pornography, ‘feminist’ or not is that male power reigns supreme. Male power is therefore intrinsic to the modes of consumption, reproduction and production:

“The strains of male power are embodied in pornography’s form and content, in economic control and distribution of wealth within the industry…” (Dworkin, 1981).

Firestone also articulates this idea with

“…the husband was the owner, the wife the means of production…” (Firestone, 1970).

Within pornography, the male is the owner and the female is the means of production.

So when a pornographer claims that their product is feminist or female friendly – they are lying.


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