1. Why are you against pornography?

Pornography is a fundamentally unethical and multi-billion dollar facet of the culture industries.
While there may be pockets of ‘amateur’ pornography (more on that later,) it is a gigantic corporate institution that continues to profit from sexism, racism and classism.

photo of anti pornography protest
Anti Pornography Protest

It serves the male consumer and it serves the male corporate elite who rake in their share of the profits while simultaneously degrading, dehumanising and figuratively destroying girls, boys, women and men in the process.

As a responsible human beings, we at Fuck No Porn (Blogs) believe it is our duty to take a stand and say “no more” to this utter bullshit.

We want to believe in a world where a multi-billion dollar industry based on the male sexual exploitation and violence towards disenfranchised girls and women does not exist.


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